Nachruf Obituary for Prof. Dr. Maren Stamer

Portraitfoto von Maren Stamer

* August 2, 1965 † December 27, 2023

People Cheerful, helpful and highly committed to students

Obituary for Prof. Horst Plickert, Professor of Law at ASH Berlin from 1971 to 2003

Obituary "Pilar always radiated optimism with her benevolent nature"

Obituary for the Spanish lecturer Dr. Pilar Martín (1955-2023)

People "The best way to learn something is to explain it to other people"

Interview with Frank Aschoff, alumnus and long-standing lecturer at ASH Berlin

People "A true role model for the academization of nursing."

The university bids farewell to Gudrun Piechotta-Henze, professor of nursing science

People Living sustainability as a principle - being completely climate-neutral by 2045

Yannick Liedholz is research associate for climate justice, sustainability and ESD at ASH Berlin since September 2023

Neuer Gastprofessor Nils Altner

Conducts research to transform resource-consuming work and leadership cultures in SAGE organizations to ones that are regenerative

Neue Mitarbeiter_innen Isabell Winter

Consultant for the Discrimination-Critical Opening of the University and the Promotion of Educational Biographies

People "The dead can’t fight physical battles"

SWHR-Student Edward Mutebi had to flee Uganda because he was helping LGBT+ individuals

People “An exponential positive impact for good”

Mohammed Hassan about his social work and activism in Sudan during wartime, his studies in Berlin, and why his passport is not being renewed

Neuberufene Katrin Velten

Professor of Education in Childhood