People "The best way to learn something is to explain it to other people"

Interview with Frank Aschoff, alumnus and long-standing lecturer at ASH Berlin

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What did you study at ASH Berlin?

I studied Biographical and Creative Writing at ASH Berlin from 2008 to 2011 and graduated with a Master of Arts degree.


How did you like the course?

The course was hybrid: Attendance weekends and the use of the Moodle platform complemented each other. This fitted in well with my busy professional life. We were taught by many different lecturers who were experts in their field. The course helped me enormously and I enjoyed it.


What was a special moment during your studies that you still remember well?

The seminar with Ulrike Scheuermann was a real eye-opener for me personally. I still use her division of the writing process into phases and the corresponding practical tips today. Writing has become a fundamental creative technique for me in all areas.


What did you do after your studies?

I then shifted my work full-time into specialist journalism and became editor-in-chief of a physiotherapy journal.


Where do you currently work?

I now have a very nice mix of freelance, self-employed work: As an author, I write articles on a wide variety of topics, mainly from the field of mind-body medicine. I have also self-published a novel: "Reent". I am currently writing my second book. I now also work as a meditation teacher at the start-up "Mindfulife" in Frankfurt - where I also write a lot: guided meditations, courses, articles, etc.

And: I have been teaching at ASH Berlin for several semesters now! On the Bachelor's degree course in Management and Care in Healthcare on the topic of "Storytelling in healthcare marketing and public relations". Storytelling is the art of storytelling, which ultimately means writing good texts that also have an emotional appeal.


What are your tasks there?

I receive commissions from various publishers in the fields of physiotherapy and naturopathy and choose what I enjoy.


What advice would you give students?

I decided early on what my main topic or main interest was and have continued to specialize in my assignments and build on the content - right up to my Master's thesis. I don't think that's a bad tactic. And: work very, very actively! The best way to learn something is by presenting or explaining it to other people - and applying it yourself again and again.


The interview was conducted by Barbara Halstenberg.