War, flight, involuntary migration

Picture gallery: Artists and illustrators from Ukraine show their works

von Barbara Halstenberg

University Life Campus Transferale: Thinking Innovative University from the Future

The Transfer_Hub team introduces itself and its projects - and invites you to participate

Research New Book: Beyond Left and Right Handedness

Prof. Dr. Elke Kraus' publication on a practice-based approach to assessing and analysing handedness dimensions and types

Learning & Teaching Retreat of the Commission for Studies and Teaching

On the agenda were the future topics of the LSK and the development of guidelines for dealing with generative AI in study and teaching

Changeover A trip to the European Social Work Conference in Prague

Enriched knowledge and expanded perspectives – but concerns regarding diversity and inclusion emerged

People Isabell Winter

Consultant for the Discrimination-Critical Opening of the University and the Promotion of Educational Biographies

People Nils Altner

Conducts research to transform resource-consuming work and leadership cultures in SAGE organizations to ones that are regenerative