Neue Mitarbeiter_innen Isabell Winter

Consultant for the Discrimination-Critical Opening of the University and the Promotion of Educational Biographies

I completed my Bachelor of Social Work at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Afterwards, I worked for several years in the field of anti-Muslim racism and intersectional feminism and did my master's degree in religion and culture at Humboldt University in Berlin. I am happy to have returned to ASH Berlin in my role as a consultant for the Discrimination-Critical Opening of the University and the Promotion of Educational Biographies.

My core topics are anti-racism, anti-discrimination, intersectional feminism and empowerment. These topics have accompanied me during my studies and have also been the focus of my professional activities as a consultant and project manager/coordinator in various associations and projects, and as a trainer.

As the coordinator of the Discrimination-Critical Opening of the University, I am replacing Silvia Ben Mahrez until her return.

My responsibilities include the management of the Prestudy Program and the Refugee Office as well as the service point for the promotion of writing and study skills. My position is linked to the Competence Network Quality Development in Studies and Teaching (Kompetenznetzwerk Qualitätsentwicklung in Studium und Lehre).

Empowerment is and has always been an aspect in my professional and volunteer work, to me it is a matter of the heart. In my volunteer work, I am chairwoman on the board of the Berlin regional association Aktionsbündnis muslimischer Frauen*, a self-organization of Muslim women*. In this function, I advocate for the interests of Muslim women* in Germany and for our needs to gain visibility. I am also active in hima e.V., an association that deals with the environment and nature conservation from an Islamic perspective.

It is a fundamental concern of mine that people can live and work together in this society on equal terms and at eye level, without having to fear violence, discrimination or exclusion. Of course, we are still a long way from achieving this - but at the same time, so much has already been achieved, both on a large and small scale. That is why I am happy to be back at ASH Berlin and to dedicate myself to opening up our university in a way that is critical of discrimination and to promoting Educational Biographies.