Research Acceptive youth work in the 1990s

The picture shows an apartment block and the forecourt, the lowest floor of the building has stores.

The research project JUPORE is dedicated to the work with right-wing youth in the transformation society

Research "You are to teach these words carefully to your children"

Dr. Khatuna Mstoiani on her doctoral thesis on the educational path of young Russian-speaking Jewish women and men

Research New Book: Beyond Left and Right Handedness

Prof. Dr. Elke Kraus' publication on a practice-based approach to assessing and analysing handedness dimensions and types

Research Time of big uncertainty

How did nursing professionals experience the first Corona Wave 2020 in Berlin? An interview with the researchers of the survey

Research Social work as a colonial knowledge archive?

A Research Project elaborates on the role of Berlin Social Work Initiatives in German Colonialism

Research Migration and health

Interview with Prof. Dr. Theda Borde about her research focus and what needs to be done for it in Germany

Research On the trail of Alice Solomon's family history

In a digitization project, the Alice Salomon Archive is approaching the private side of its namesake

Research Discrimination against refugee children when birth certificates are not issued

Results from the PROREF project

Research Gender 3.0 at school

Pedagogical action in the context of diverse gender lifestyles

Research Racisms in health care

On the need to explicitly address racism in public health research.

Research Raum für Dialog

Die Geschichte des Schöneberger Wissenschaft-Praxis-Ladens & Galerie Transfer wird neu recherchiert