University Life Unlearn Patriarchy

Why the hell does patriarchy still rule and how can we unlearn it? Review of reading and discussion

Two women on the podium, audience in front.
ASH Berlin

In the context of the Women's* Struggle Day in March, the department InPuT (Intersectional Practice and Transformation) invited to a reading from the anthology "Unlearn Patriarchy" by co-editor and author Naomi Ryland, followed by a discussion.

In the well-attended Audimax of the university, the participants, among them the rector Bettina Völter, first listened to Naomi Ryland, who read from her contribution "Unlearn Power" and reported on the genesis of the anthology as well as her own awareness of patriarchal structures.

Afterwards, all participants of the event were invited to discuss how the university can contribute to questioning powerful behaviors and relationships and how structures can be designed in a power-critical way. In the process, participants were able to record their ideas for unlearning patriarchy in the areas of study and teaching, in academia, and at ASH Berlin as a workplace on three bulletin boards. The collected thoughts ranged from a culture of listening, to questioning the canon of science, to seeing resistance as a productive contribution, to making the work environment barrier-free and inclusive.

The collected results will be presented again at the next FLINTA*VV meeting and in a further step first measures for ASH Berlin will be derived.

The next FLINTA*VV is scheduled for Tuesday, July 4, 2023 in the time from 12:30 to 14:00. Further details and the official invitation will follow shortly.