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Interim impulses for the redesign of Alice-Salomon-Platz from a university perspective

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Redesign of Alice Salomon Square

On July 7, 2023, members of the Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin were given the opportunity to reveal their perspectives on Alice-Salomon-Platz as part of a participation workshop. Drawing on creative formats such as miniature construction, stop-motion, and graffiti, students in particular were encouraged to address the question of what their wishes and concerns are for a public campus in the urban space. The workshop was accompanied ethnographically by the Transfer_Hub research team and a graphic recording.

Impulses from the university

It became clear in a first illumination of the material that the fully concreted square is so far not very attractive for the members of the university as well as for the residents. The square presents itself as a kind of non-place that is passed by, that is left behind. Encounters remain rare. For students in particular, there are hardly any seating options or other forms of quality of stay. What is desired is more seating for informal educational processes, an opening of the university and the refectory into the urban space, and opportunities for retreat and informal work - flanked by sustainable and green framing.

Interjection in front of the Audimax

In front of the university's Audimax, the first artistic theses have been prepared on this basis in October and November of this year. On the one hand, the format is intended to lead to further exchange, and on the other hand, to provide impulses for the further research process. The exhibition will end with a finissage in November and will be transferred to a next research phase (action pause research). An invitation to this will be sent out separately.


The participation is embedded in the sub-project Transfer_Hub of the innovative university project Campus Transferale (CaT). Campus Transferale stands for departure and further development at ASH Berlin. In this project, the process of ASH Berlin on the way to a transfer-oriented educational campus is to be researched and accompanied: Impulses from the social space can connect here sustainably with the changing structures at the university. The university is currently participating in the open space planning competition Alice-Salomon-Platz with two experts: Adam Page (pilot project "Zwischenräume" in the Transfer_Hub) and Gesine Bär (prorector of ASH Berlin and head of the Innovative Hochschule project CaT).

On Thursday, 02.11.2023 from 14:00 to 17:00, there will be another workshop for ASH employees in the visitor information center BIZ as part of the participation process Alice-Salomon-Platz and from 18:00 to 20:00 a workshop for the public. Here we will present the results achieved so far.