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Interview with Clara Muriel Strempler about her experience in the part-time physical therapy degree program

Clara Muriel Strempler in strap shirt and with long blonde hair.
As someone who was already working, why did you choose the part-time physiotherapy / occupational therapy degree program?

I was very curious about the content of the program. I currently work two days a week in a physiotherapy practice in Leipzig. I also work as a self-employed yoga teacher and teach health and stress management in prevention courses that are subsidized by health insurance companies. I am interested in research and evidence-based work in the therapeutic sciences. However, I also have a passion for education and outreach, so this degree program was a great fit for me to further my interests and knowledge at the university level.

What has been your personal experience with studying part-time?

I am very excited about the degree program. The social science subjects came far too short for me during my training. I benefit from the fact that I am always encouraged to reflect on my own professional practice and to take a deeper look at supply management in Germany. Here we are made into self-responsible, mature therapists who can and want to represent themselves in health policy. Challenging for me is the weekly commute to Berlin from Leipzig and living on a lower monthly income. However, I gladly accept this challenge.

Have you already been able to put what you learned during your studies into practice?

Currently, the practical transfer is still a challenge. The structures only allow a very limited implementation of the learned contents. Nevertheless, I don't miss the theory of the university content, as it also gives me personal growth and further development. In addition, I feel prepared for changes in the healthcare sector.

Why would you recommend studying physical or occupational therapy in part-time?

In fact, I always wonder how it is possible that therapists are allowed to work in Germany without the knowledge we are taught in our studies. I find the content so relevant and enriching that I can heartily recommend this study program. It lays the foundation for reflective and critical thinking and for a paradigm shift in the therapeutic sciences and among health care providers, which is so urgently needed. Keyword: direct access and full academization.


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of the additive, interdisciplinary form of study for state-approved physiotherapists and occupational therapists (AddIS)
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