Learning & Teaching Retreat of the Commission for Studies and Teaching

On the agenda were the future topics of the LSK and the development of guidelines for dealing with generative AI in study and teaching

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This semester, the LSK (Commission for Teaching and Learning) met again for a closed day. Since students have been represented in the commission again since the summer semester 2023 after a longer participation break due to Corona, student perspectives could fortunately be made strong and included again at this retreat day on July 21, 2023.

The following two main topics were on the agenda of this year's summer retreat:

  • Tasks and (future) topics of the LSK as a commission of the Academic Senate (AS).
  • Development of guidelines or recommendations for dealing with generative AI (such as Chat GPT) in study and teaching at ASH Berlin.

The LSK deals with current and future (quality) developments and future topics in studying and teaching. The tasks of the LSK refer to the central level and are to be realigned with the establishment of the departments. From the LSK's point of view, it is important to link developments in teaching and learning at the central level with the decentralized level of the departments and their training commissions. On the day of the retreat, the commission members discussed the content-related adjustment of the version of the LSK's rules of procedure and identified current and future topics of quality development in studying and teaching at ASH Berlin.

Afterwards, the LSK team discussed how to deal with generative AI models such as Chat GPT. The LSK was commissioned by the AS to develop guidelines or recommendations for dealing with generative AI models for the area of study and teaching at ASH Berlin. The impetus was provided by a discussion paper on the development of guidelines, which Anja Voss (Vice-Rector for Studies, Teaching and Digitization) developed together with Daniel Klenke (Head of Digital Media Didactics) and presented to the AS in May. In the LSK, documents from other universities were systematically evaluated in advance for dealing with generative AI and the contents were discussed together on the day of the retreat in terms of their significance for learning and teaching at ASH Berlin. It is planned to introduce recommendations of the LSK to the university in the winter semester 2023/24.