Lesestoff New publication: „Methods of Structural Change in Social Work“.

Structural change as a mission of social work

The picture shows the cover of the book.
ASH Berlin

Fighting not only symptoms but also causes of social problems: There is a lot of talk about structural change in social work, but rarely about the implementation of such changes. The book „Methoden struktureller Veränderung in der Sozialen Arbeit“ (Methods of Structural Change in Social Work) makes clear that structural change is the core of social work and gives impulses to implement this attitude methodically.

To this end, the authors deal with methods that have so far been used primarily by social movements. These include policy practice and lobbying, but also community accountability, whistleblowing and blacktivism. The book thus offers an introduction to a variety of methods and shows possibilities of social action for social work.

The book was edited by Prof. Dr. Nivedita Prasad, who teaches action methods and gender-specific social work at ASH Berlin.


Methods of Structural Change in Social Work Nivedita Prasad (Ed.) Verlag Barbara Budrich 2023 268 p., 29,90 Euro ISBN: 9783825260460 https://www.utb.de/doi/book/10.36198/9783838560465