Lead War, flight, involuntary migration

Picture gallery: Artists and illustrators from Ukraine show their works

The contact to the artists and illustrators from Ukraine originates from the Berliner Treff at Moritzplatz, a weekly offer for refugees from Ukraine. The offer was developed by the network 'Quality Development in Science and Practice' (QE-WiPrax) of the Master program Child Protection. The focus lies on capacity building and empowerment of the refugees. At the same time, the resources of the network (i.e. the connection to various practice partners, students and teachers) are proactively used and brought in.


Meeting for refugee families from Ukraine and other interested people from Berlin
  • every Monday from 2 - 5 pm
  • in the "Bilgisaray" at Oranienstraße 45 in Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • a café-meeting for get-togethers, contacts, networking, advice and to share stories.
  • Info and contact:
    • Mariya Tenenbaum: 0173 - 472 57 07
    • Thomas Fertig: 0157 - 79 10 61 09