Changeover Students recommend: Winterschool in Winterthur

Five fellow students of the course 'Interprofessional Health Care - online' and their insight into the Swiss health care system

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"Wow, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I want to take advantage of! I want to prove to myself that I can do this. Then I get to know my fellow students in a completely different way? This is an opportunity to gain insight into a different healthcare system." With these thoughts, five fellow students of the Interprofessional Health Care - Online program set out for the International Winterschool in Switzerland in January 2023. Antonia, Bettina, Kristin, Danica and Sandra tell us why it was worth joining them.

Sandra: Can you tell the readers something about the Winter School?

Antonia: The Winterschool is part of the interprofessional teaching at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). The degree programs offered there are occupational and physical therapy, nursing, midwifery, and health & prevention. In the fifth semester, students from other parts of Switzerland and international students can then participate in the Winter School. Therefore, the event attracts interested students from all over the world and offers the possibility to get to know the Swiss health care system and to deepen the knowledge of one's own study contents within the framework of different thematic weeks. In addition, this enables shared learning, the acquisition of skills and interprofessional collaboration.

Sandra: And if the desire is aroused - how do interested students get there now?

Danica: Registration was through the ZHAW Health website and the cost of the course was 50€. We arranged the journey individually by car, train or even by plane. It is possible to apply for a subsidy through the ASH International Office. As an accommodation option, either the Couchsurfing organized by the university or a hostel in the immediate vicinity were available. We settled for a five-bed room. That was a super experience - as was the whole week.

Sandra: So how did it go on the ground?

Bettina: The course of the week was varied and intensive. Beforehand, we received informative mails and a work assignment. During the week, the focus was on an interprofessional patient case, which we worked on together with students from the various fields of nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, midwifery, health & prevention. In addition, we participated in various workshops in which we expanded our knowledge and gained practical insights. A highlight was the visit to various Swiss institutions. The organization of the Winter School was outstanding, the staff was helpful and friendly. Additional events such as a welcome tour and an international dinner rounded off the week and provided an opportunity for exchange with the other students.

Sandra: Can you draw a short conclusion for the readers?

Kristin: To sum up, the trip to Winterthur was absolutely enriching, full of valuable experiences and fun. We recognize an enormous increase in knowledge in professional and personal terms. Through the many different insights, we were impressed how much interprofessional collaboration (IPZ) is lived in Switzerland. At the same time, we were able to pass on useful practical tips to the other students with our experiences in the field of IPZ and the content from IGo. These intensive experiences made our self-confidence grow significantly and we feel encouraged to be able to take on future challenges - a great and valuable feeling! And by the way, we made new contacts and deepened existing ones - fellow students became friends!

We are proud to have embarked on this adventure. We would do it again in a heartbeat!